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Free-viewpoint and 3D Video • Marker-less Optical Motion Capture • 3D Image Analysis and Synthesis • Image-based Rendering • Virtual and Augmented Reality • Time-of-Flight Imaging • Dynamic Scene Reconstruction • 3D Computer Vision • Physically-based Rendering • Interaction • Machine Learning for Vision / Graphics


06/2014 Our work on Real-time Non-rigid Reconstruction using an RGB-D Camera was accepted to SIGGRAPH 2014, more info soon.
06/2014 Our work on Automatic Face Reenactment was accepted to CVPR 2014, project page.
04/2014 Our work on Interactive Motion Mapping for Real-time Character Control was accepted to Eurographics 2014, project page.
05/2014 "Chinese Government Award for outstanding students abroad 2013", awarded to Chenglei Wu as one of the best Chinese PhD students
09/2013 3 papers accepted to ICCV 2013.
08/2013 4 papers were accepted to SIGGRAPH Asia 2013.
06/2013 Christian Theobalt receives an ERC Starting Grant from the European Union. His project Capturing Reality - Performance Capture of the Real World in Motion is funded with around 1.5 Mio Euros over five years.
06/2013 One paper on user centric video processing accepted to UIST 2013, one paper to SAP 2013, and an article to ACM Trans. Applied Perception.
05/2013 Two papers will be presented at 3DIMPVT
04/2013 Christian hosts the SIGGRAPH paper reprise session at FMX 2013
03/2013 Main Prize of the IKT Innovation Award to the team of The Captury, a company spin-off from our group that is funded by a 500k Euro EXIST grant from the German Ministry of Exonomy. (Picture)
01/2013 Two papers from our group were accepted to EUROGRAPHICS 2013 - see projects page.

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