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Free-viewpoint and 3D Video • Marker-less Optical Motion Capture • 3D Image Analysis and Synthesis • Image-based Rendering • Virtual and Augmented Reality • Time-of-Flight Imaging • Dynamic Scene Reconstruction • 3D Computer Vision • Physically-based Rendering • Interaction • Machine Learning for Vision / Graphics


11/2015 Christian Theobalt was elected one of the "top 40 innovators under the age of 40" by the German business magazine Capital. [link]
11/2015 Our Facial Reenactment paper (in collaboration with University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and Standford University) received wide media coverage: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Verge, Spiegel, Heise and PopSci.
10/2015 The Museum of Moving Image of New York (EEUU) reimagines and recycles Hollywood iconography in contemporary art, including our Rear Window Augmented piece. Details here.
10/2015 One paper accepted to CVMP 2015. HDR Image Noise Calibration for Denoising Tone Mapped Images
09/2015 One paper accepted to Pacific Graphics 2015. 4D Model Flow: Precomputed Appearance Alignment for Real-time 4D Video Interpolation.
09/2015 Two papers accepted to ICCV 2015. Details coming soon.
08/2015 Two papers accepted to SIGGRAPH Asia 2015. Real-time Expression Transfer for Facial Reenactment and Generalizing Wave Gestures from Sparse Examples for Real-time Character Control
04/2015 Try out our HDR deghosting approach from SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 with your own photos: http://stash.itinkubator.de:9000/
03/2015 One paper accepted to SIGGRAPH 2015. Shading-based Refinement on Volumetric Signed Distance Functions 03/2015 Our book Digital Representations of the Real World: How to Capture, Model, and Render Visual Reality by CRC Press that is edited by M. Magnor, O. Sorkine, O. Grau and C. Theobalt can be pre-ordered.
03/2015 Four papers accepted to CVPR 2015.
12/2014 Christian will be one of the Program Chairs of 3DV in Lyon, together with Jana Kosecka and Michael Brown.
12/2014 Our paper VDub Modifying Face Video of Actors for Plausible Visual Alignment to a Dubbed Audio Track will be presented at EUROGRAPHICS 2015, project page.
12/2014 Our paper on Investigating the Dexterity of Multi-Finger Input for Mid-Air Text Entry was accepted to ACM CHI 2015, project page.
09/2014 Two papers accepted to 3DV 2014.
09/2014 Our work on Real-time Shading-based Refinement for Consumer Depth Cameras was accepted to SIGGRAPH Asia 2014, project page.
09/2014 Our work on Outdoor Human Motion Capture by Simultaneous Optimization of Pose and Camera Parameters was accepted to Computer Graphics Forum 2014, project page.
06/2014 Our work on Real-time Non-rigid Reconstruction using an RGB-D Camera was accepted to SIGGRAPH 2014, project page.
06/2014 Our work on Automatic Face Reenactment was accepted to CVPR 2014, project page.

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