GPU based ARAP Deformation using Volumetric Lattices

EG 2012

M. Zollhöfer 1 E. Sert 1 G. Greiner 1 J. Süßmuth 1
1 University of Erlangen-Nuremberg


We present a novel lattice based direct manipulation paradigm (LARAP) for mesh editing that decouples the runtime complexity from the mesh's geometric complexity. Since our non-linear optimization is based on the ARAP paradigm, it is very fast and can be easily implemented. Our proxy geometry automatically introduces volumeawareness into the optimization problem, leading to more natural deformations. Since we compute how the space surrounding an object has to be deformed to satisfy a set of user-constraints, we can even handle models with disconnected parts. We analyze the bottlenecks of the presented approach and propose a data-parallel multiresolution implementation on the GPU, which allows to pose even high-quality meshes consisting of millions of triangles in real-time.

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