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Prof. Dr. Christian Theobalt

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Mohamed Elgharib Vladislav Golyanik
Kripasindhu Sarkar
Lingjie Liu
Mengyu Chu

Ph.D. Students

Ayush Tewari Marc Habermann Ikhsanul Habibie
Jiayi Wang Edgar Tretschk Mallikarjun B R
Gereon Fox Soshi Shimada Jian Wang
Yue Jiang Viktor Rudnev

Research Engineer

Oleksandr Sotnychenko

Current visitors / guest researchers

Jae Shin Yoon

Current and former Master/Diplom/Bachelor Students and Supervised Theses

Mohit Mendiratta Egocentric Videoconferencing
Jalees Nehvi Differentiable Event Stream Simulator for Non-Rigid Objects (2021)
Vikramjit Sidhu Neural Dense Non-Rigid Structure from Motion with Latent Space Constraints (2020)
Tarun Yenamandra i3DMM: Deep Implicit Morphable 3D Head Model (2020).
Hyoseung Kang Semidefinite Programming in Computer Vision with Lower-Rank Factorization (2019).
Zeeshan Khan Suri A Low-Dimensional Deformation Model for Non-Rigid Shape Matching (2019).
Chitra Singh Combined 3D Eye and Face Reconstruction using Monocular RGB Images (2019).
Hossein Hajipour Weakly-supervised Surface Reconstruction Using Floating Radial Basis Functions (2018).
Mohammad Shafiei Live Global Intrinsic Video (2018).
Marc Habermann: Template-based 3D reconstruction of non-rigid surfaces from 4K RGB video (2017).
Jianan Ma (co-advisor; main advisor Klaus Fischer (DFKI)): Real-time Character Control.
Max Augustin: Data-Parallel Shading-based Refinement (2016).
Franziska Mueller: Real-time Hand Tracking (2015).
Mandana Eghbali: High-Quality facial performance capture with a Kinect camera (2013).
Daniyar Kurmankhoyayev (MPI Informatics/Saarland Univ.): Monocular pose capture with depth cameras using a Sums-of-Gaussians body model (2013).
Hamid Sarmadi (KTH Stockholm/MPI Informatics): Part detection for video-based motion capture (2013).
Elham Afsari Yeganeh (MPI Informatics/Saarland Univ.): Motion alignment of videos captured with a Kinect (2013).
Nadia Robertini (MPI Informatics/Saarland Univ.): Data-driven modeling with depth cameras (2013).
Ebad Pirmoradian (MPI Informatics/Saarland Univ.): Monocular performance capture via ToF cameras (2011).
Martin Simonowski: Hand Shape Recognition using a Time-of-Flight Camera: An Application to Sign Language (2011).
Alexander Martens: Data-driven Cloth Animation (2011).
Sebastian Schuon (TU Munich, MPI Informatics and Stanford University): Resolution Enhancement for 3D Time-of-Flight Cameras (2010).
Derek Chan (Stanford University): Real-time Upsampling of of Depth Camera Images (2009).
Sergey Levine (Stanford University): Body Language Animation Synthesis from Prosody (2009).
Jens Kerber: Cross-platform Adaptation of a Free-Viewpoint Viedeo Viewer (2004).
Edilson de Aguiar: Character Animation from a Motion Capture Database (2003).

Research Immersion Lab

Research Assistants (HiWis)

Former Ph.D. Students

  • Franziska Mueller, PhD in GVV group (graduated 2020 - thesis: Real-time 3D Hand Reconstruction in Challenging Scenes from a Single Color or Depth Camera), now at Google.
  • Dushyant Mehta, PhD in GVV group (graduated 2020 - thesis: Real-time 3D Human Body Pose Estimation from Monocular RGB Input), now at Qualcomm.
  • Abhimitra Meka, PhD in GVV group (graduated 2020 - thesis: Live Inverse Rendering), now at Google.
  • Hyeongwoo Kim, PhD in GVV group (graduated 2019 - thesis: Learning-based Face Reconstruction and Editing), now at Google
  • Nadia Robertini, PhD in GVV group (graduated 2019 - thesis: Model-based Human Performance Capture in Outdoor Scenes), now at Image Technologies Gmbh.
  • Pablo Garrido, PhD in GVV group (graduated 2017 - thesis: High-quality face capture, animation and editing from monocular video), postdioc at Technicolor, now Researcher at EPIC Research.
  • Srinath Sridhar, Co-supervised with Antti Oulasvirta, PhD in GVV group (graduated 2016 - thesis: Tracking Hands in Action for Gesture-based Computer Input), postdoc at Stanford University, starting as Assistant Professor at Brown University (Fall 2020).
  • Helge Rhodin, PhD in GVV group (graduated 2016 - thesis: From motion capture to interactive virtual worlds), postdoc at EPFL, now assistant professor at the Univ. of British Columbia
  • Ahmed Elhayek, PhD in GVV group (graduated 2015 - thesis: Marker-less motion capture in general scenes with sparse multi-camera setups), postdoc at DFKI, now asst. professor at University of Prince Mugrin, Saudia Arabia
  • Chenglei Wu, PhD student GVV group (graduated 2014 - thesis: Inverse Rendering for Scene Reconstruction in General Environments), postoc at ETH Zurich , now researcher at Facebook Reality Labs Pittsburgh
  • Miguel Granados, PhD student in GVV group (graduated 2013 - thesis: Advanced Editing Methods for Image and Video Sequences), postdoc in GVV group 2014, now at Magicleap
  • Thomas Helten, PhD student in GVV group (co-advised with Meinard Mueller, graduated 2013 - thesis: Processing and Tracking Human Motions Using Optical, Inertial, and Depth Sensors), now at Pixargus / GoalControl
  • Mohammed Shaheen (co-advised with Robert Strzodka, graduated 2013 - thesis: Cache based Optimization of Stencil Computations An Algorithmic Approach), now at IBM
  • Andreas Baak (co-advised wth Meinard Mueller, graduated 2012 - thesis: Retrieval-based Approaches for Tracking and Reconstructing Human Motions), now at BMW
  • Gernot Ziegler (MPII) - PhD at MPII (graduated 2010 - thesis: GPU Data Structures for Graphics and Vision), now at Nvidia
  • Carsten Stoll, PhD at MPII (graduated 2009 - thesis: Template Based Shape Processing,), formerly senior researcher in MPC-VCC, researcher at Weta Digital, co-founder of theCaptury, now at Oculus Research
  • Naveed Ahmed (MPII) - PhD at MPII (graduated 2009 - thesis: High-quality Dynamic Reflectance and Surface Reconstruction from Video), now professor at University of Sharjah, UAE
  • Edilson de Aguiar (MPII) - PhD at MPII (graduated 2008 - thesis: Animation and Performance Capture Using Digitized Models), formerly Disney Research Pittsburgh / Carnegie Mellon University - Assistant Professor, Federal University of Espirito Santo, Brazil


  • Florian Bernard, postdoc in GVV group (2017-2020), now Visiting Professor at the Technical University of Munich.
  • Weipeng Xu, postdoc in GVV group (2016-2019), now research scientist at Facebook Reality Labs.
  • Lan Xu, visiting PhD student from HKUST / Tsinghua University (one year, 2018-2019)
  • Yuxiao Zhou, visiting Bachelor student from Tsingua University, Bachelor thesis in GVV group (Feb-June 2019)
  • Lingjie Liu, visiting PhD student from University of Hong Kong (2018), now postdoc in GVV group
  • Michael Zollhöfer, postdoc in GVV group (2015-2017), now research scientist at Facebook Reality Labs.
  • Maxim Maximov, Research Immersion Lab student in GVV group (2016-2017)
  • Avishek Chatterjee, postdoc in GVV group (2016-2017), now Assistant Professor at Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
  • Dan Casas, postdoc in GVV group (2015-2016), now Asst. Professor at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid
  • Christian Richardt, postdoc in GVV group (2014-2016), now lecturer at University of Bath
  • Levi Valgaerts, postdoc in GVV group (2011-2015), now at Apple, CH
  • Hamid Sarmadi, one year stay (2014) as researcher in GVV group
  • Nils Hasler, postdoc in GVV group, now CEO of the Captury
  • Michal Richter, research assistant in GVV group, now at the Captury
  • Kwang In Kim, postdoc in GVV group (2010-2013), formerly lecturer at Lancaster University, Senior Lecturer at University of Bath, now Professor at UNIST South Korea
  • James Tompkin, postdoc in GVV group (2012-2014), now Assistant Professor at Brown University, USA
  • Brojeshwar Bhowmick: visiting PhD student from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi
  • Kiran Varanasi: postdoc in GVV group, later at Technicolor R&D and DFKI, now professor at HTW Leipzig
  • Rajvi Shah: visiting PhD student from Center for Visual Information Technology, IIIT Hyderabad
  • Thomas Neumann: visiting PhD student from HTW Dresden / TU Braunschweig
  • Gaurav Bharaj - Research Engineer 7/2010-8/2012, now PhD student at Harvard
  • Guannan Li - visiting PhD student (7/2011-1/2012) from Tsinghua University
  • Yebin Liu (MPII) - postdoc in GVV, now associate professor at Tsinghua University, Beijing
  • James Tompkin, visiting PhD student from University College London (2010 / 2011)
  • Dina Khattab - visiting PhD student from IIIT Hyderabad, 2010
  • Yan Cui - Hiwi 2009 - now at DFKI
  • Feng Xu visiting PhD student from Tsinghua University Beijing (2010/2011), now assistant professor at Tsinghua University
  • Savil Srivastava (Stanford) - Bachelor student
  • Young Min Kim (Stanford)
  • Derek Chan, MSc student, Stanford, now at Amazon
  • Varun Ganapathi, PhD student, Stanford, now at Google
  • Sebastian Schuon (Stanford), MSc student, Stanford, co-founder of Stylight
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