NRST: Non-rigid Surface Tracking from Monocular Video

German Conference on Pattern Recognition(2018), Stuttgart, Germany

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We propose an efficient method for non-rigid surface tracking from monocular RGB videos. Given a video and a template mesh, our algorithm sequentially registers the template non-rigidly to each frame.We formulate the per-frame registration as an optimization problem that includes a novel texture term specifically tailored towards tracking objects with uniform texture but fine-scale structure, such as the regular micro-structural patterns of fabric. Our texture term exploits the orientation information in the micro-structures of the objects, e.g., the yarn patterns of fabrics. This enables us to accurately track uniformly colored materials that have these high frequency micro-structures, for which traditional photometric terms are usually less effective. The results demonstrate the effectiveness of our method on both general textured non-rigid objects and monochromatic fabrics.



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This work is funded by the ERC Starting Grant project CapReal (335545).


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